Coscelia Professional Acrylic Glitter Powder False Nail Tips Nail Art Kit Nail Art Decoration Tools

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Acrylic glitter powder dust nail art design kit (not content acrylic liquid )

Creating beautiful nail for long lasting sparkle nail tips

Great for strengthen your nails and enhance shine

Suitable for natural and false nails

A professional nail art gift for you or your family and friends!


kit 01Package:

1 x Clear Acrylic Powder

1 x White Acrylic Powder

1 x Pink Acrylic Powder

1 x 12pcs Dark Colors Glitter Powder

1 x Pink Nail Cutter

1 x Mini Liquid Pump

1 x White Dappen Dish

1 x 20pcs nail forms

1 x 20pcs Wooden Cuticle Pusher

1 x Small Nail Cleaning Brush

2 x Nail Separators

1 x Practice Finger

1 x 1000pcs Silver Color Nail Art Rhinestones

1 x 1000pcs Nail Art Rhinestones

2 x Nail Sanding Files

1 x buffer block

1 x Cuticle Fork

1 x 100pcs White False Nails in Retail Pack

1 x 100pcs Clear False Nails in Retail Pack

1 x UV Brush

1 x Nail Pen

1 x Curved Tweezers

kit 02 Package Including:

1 x Acrylic powder (Clear)

1 x Acrylic powder (Pink)

1 x Acrylic powder (White)

1 x Nail art UV Gel (Primer)

1 x Nail glue 3g

1 x Acrylic liquid 75ml

1 x Curved tweezer

1 x Buffer block (Random Color)

1 x Sanding file (Random Color)

1 x Dappen dish (Random Color)

1 x 50pcs of french tips (White)

6 x acrylic powder (Random color)

1 x 4-way buffer block (Random Color)

1 x Sable acrylic brush (Random Size)

6 x Nail glitter powders (Random color)

1 x 50pcs of french tips (Transparent)

1 x Pair of toe seperator (Random Color)

1 x Small nail cleaning brush (Random Color)

1 x Cuticle revitalizer oil (Random taste)

1 x 12 varied colors of rhinestones (Random Color)

1 x 12 varied colors of Pearl (Random Color)



Keep the product out of reach of babies and children to avoid accidental eating;

If allergies or adverse reactions occur, discontinue use immediately.

Please keep it in a cool dry place , avoid direct sunlight.