Tatoo Motor Tool 8 Wrap Coils Alloy Tattoo Machine Tool Skin Tattoo Liner Shader for Beginner


SKU: TBF0SF1-003-L8FU Coscelia

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1.Set for Liner

2.Tattoo Frame Material: Brass

3.8 Wrap Coils for Liner

4.Coil Height:28mm

5.Custom Tattoo Machine Start Voltage:4V

6.Custom Tattoo Tool Working Voltage:6-8V



1.Pure Brass Handmade 8 Coils Wrap,28mm Height, Magnetic Permeability, to Ensure Endless Power

2.Liner Hits Hard and Drives in Lines Smooth

3.The Machine Don't Get Hot After Hours of Tattooing

4.Machine Has Smooth and Consistent Run Cycle Low Voltage Needed



1.Please Clean Remain on Tattoo Machine When You After Work

2.Please Often Smear Rust Oil in Tattoo Machine Frame, Avoid the Frame be Rusted


Package Contains:

1x Tattoo Liner/Shader Machine