Professional Nail Dust Collector Machine 25W Vacuum Cleaner Manicure

$39.29 $55.98

SKU: 515 Coscelia


Type: Nail dust collector

Material: PVC

Power: 25W

Cable Length: 143cm

Size: 23.8 x 19.5 x 12.5cm


Fan power is strong, high speed, low noise, vacuum effect is very good.

High quality materials, high strength, small deformation, durable.

Hand-rest design, comfortable for both customers and technicians.

Equipped with ON / OFF switch, with powerful and quiet engine, convenient to use.

Covered with a layer of PVC leather, soft and good feeling.

Strong fan and stable performance to collect dust created while filing or polishing nails.


1 x Nail Dust Collector Manicure Machine