Electric Manicure Drill Machine Nail Polish Grinding Nail Drill Bit Set


SKU: ABF0SF4-1817TV Coscelia

Name: Mini Electric Drill Machine

Item Type: Electric Manicure Drill & Accessory

Material: Plastic, metal

RPM: 20000 rpm

Power: 9W

Plug: USB

Main Machine Size: 16 x 2.4cm

Color: Rose/Pink/White/Black/Blue

Multi-Use: Carving, Engraving, Routing, Grinding, Sharpening, Sanding, Polishing, Drilling



Speed adjustable, speed up to 20000 rpm.

6 optional standard metal bits/filing heads and 6 sanding bands.

It could overheat if you run it too long. Avoid overheating for continuous polishing in long time which may cause the machine got shock.

It is low noise and smooth, very low vibration design for comfort grip.

Works great for acrylic nails, regular polish, gel polishes


Package including:

1 x Nail Drill Machine

1 x 6 Optional Bits

1 x USB Line


Warm tips

  1. Do not let handle to work without nail drills.
  2. Keep the machine in a safe place. Keep out of reach of children.
  3. Do not touch the nail drill when it is rotating.
  4. Power off when you are not use of the machine.
  5. Put on goggle before operating the machine to avoid dusts and fines into the eyes.