COSCELIA Nail Art Polish Kit Nail Dryer Lamp 20 Colors Nail Gel Polish 3Pcs UV Gel Nail Art Decoration Tools Set


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Note: Pick Any 20 Colors Gel Polish, Please send your favorite color number to or Message us after placed the order.



Can be cured by LED & UV lamp

Healthy and environmental friendly ingredient, have no harm to your nails.

High quality gels and fashion design.

Soak-Off gel, easy to build and remove


Package Including:

1 x Nail Dryer Lamp(80W/36W)

1 x Mini Nail Drill Machine

20 x Nail Gel Polish

1 x Top Coat

1 x Base Coat

3 x UV Gel(White/Clear/Pink)

2 x Nail File

1 x Rhinestones Wheel

1 x Micro Beads Decoration Rhinestone Wheel

2 x Nail Separators

1 x 10g Nail Glue

1 x Cuticle Oil

1 x Nail Cleaner Brush

1 x 4-Way Nail Buffer

1 x Curved Tweezers

1 x Cuticle Fork

1 x Cuticle Pusher

1 x Nail Cutter

10 x Nail Polish Remove Wipes

2 x Nail Stickers

3 x French Nail Sticker

1 x 20Pcs Nail Forms

1 x White Color UV Brush

1 x White Dappen Dish

1 x 10Pcs Silicone Nail Remover Clip Caps

3 x Gold Color Matte Nail Striping Line

2 x Silver Color Matte Nail Striping Line


Professional Usage:

Step 1. Clean the nails and polish them.

Step 2. Remove the powder from the nail surface.

Step 3. First apply the primer(base coat), which can make the polishing time longer, and use the UV lamp to dry the nail surface. (necessary)

Step 4. Apply the first layer of nail polish directly, and dry the surface of the nail with UV lamp for about 60s.

Step 5. You can apply a second layer of nail polish, and then dry it with a lamp (a small amount of times, the decorations are added according to personal needs).

Step 6. Apply the top coat and dry the nails by UV lamp



Keep the product out of reach of babies and children to avoid accidental eating;

If allergies or adverse reactions occur, discontinue use immediately.

Please keep it in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.