6pc Poly Nail Gel Kit with 36w Lamp



Package contents

1 x 36 W Nail Dryer Lamp White Color

1 x  Top Coat

1 x Base Coat

6 x 15ml Nail Extension Gel

50 x False nail tips with scale

1 x Double Head Stainless Nail Pen

1 x Pink Makeup Brush

10 x Nail Polish Cleaning Wraps

2 x Nail Sanding File

2 x 1000Pcs Crystal Nail Rhinestones

5 x Gold Nail Striping Tape Line (Color random)

10 x Nail Polish Remover Wipes

2 x Nail Separators

1 x Cuticle Oil

1 x Cuticle Fork

1 x Curved Tweezers

1 x Nail Cutter

1 x slip solution

2 x Nail Stickers

1 x Glass Cup

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