COSCELIA 6Pcs Nail Polish Gel Varnish Nail Design Nail Gel Polish with Top Coat Primer Nail Art Set


SKU: 2BF5SF560IP Coscelia



  1. Usually can last for 14+ days.
  2. Great for creating your own beautiful nail art design on finger or toe nails;
  3. Can be used on artificial nails as well as natural nails;
  4. Healthy ingredients, low smell, Non-toxic Creative Portable Design


Package Includes:

1 x Top Coat

1 x Primer

6 x Nail Gel Polish


Professional Usage:

Step1. Clean Nails then trim nail surface as normal manicure process.

Step2. Fully shake up the one step gel; it can make the polish color balanced. (Important)

Step3. Apply Base coat first, which can make polish lasting longer, cure with UV lamp or LED lamp. (Necessary)

Step4. Apply polish directly, cure with UV lamp for 2-3 minutes or cure with LED lamp for 60 second; when dry, apply the 2nd layer and cure with UV lamp or LED lamp again.

Step5. Coat with removable Top coat, which can make color more shining, then cured by UV lamp or LED lamp.



Keep the product out of reach of babies and children to avoid accidental eating;

If allergies or adverse reactions occur, discontinue use immediately.

Please keep it in a cool dry place , avoid direct sunlight.