Acrylic Powder Kit with 120ml Acrylic Liquid




Volume: 8g

Color: Clear / Pink / White

Size: 4.5 x 3.5cm

Usage: Making Acrylic Nails

Package Includes

3 x Acrylic Powder (White / Clear / Pink)

1 x 120ml Acrylic Liquid

1 x Top Coat

1 x Nail Art Pen Brush

1 x 2 x 20Pcs Nail Forms

1 x 10g Nail Glue

1 x Glass Cup With Cover

10 x Nail Cleaning Wipes

2 x 12Pcs Nail Decoration Powder

1 x 12pcs Nail Strip Decoration

1 x 6Pcs Nail Metal Glitter Decoration

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