COSCELIA 3Pcs Clear/White/Pink UV Gel Top Coat 20Pcs Nail Forms UV Brush Cleaner Plus Tool Set


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Volume: 14ml

Dimensions: 4.9 x 3.4cm

Curing Tools: UV Lamp


Package Including:

3 x UV Gel(Clear/White/Pink)

1 x Top Coat

1 x Cleaner Plus

1 x Primer

1 x 20Pcs Nail Forms

1 x White Color UV Brush


Professional Usage:

Step 1. Remove dead skin from fingers

Step 2. Polish the nail surface, and brush off the nail powder

Step 3. Use the White Color UV Brush to apply the base coat and bake for 30s

Step 4. After baking, apply a second layer of uv gel, and then bake dry

Step 5. Smear the top coat and bake dry



Keep the product out of reach of babies and children to avoid accidental eating;

If allergies or adverse reactions occur, discontinue use immediately.

Please keep it in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.