Coscelia 1Pc Nail Machine Accessories Ceramic Nail Drill Bit Rotary Burr Files Polish Remover Electric Cutters


SKU: A09-003-B Coscelia


Type: Ceramic Nail Drill Bit

Material: Ceramic, plastic

Size: B/C/F/TB/ZD

Handle Length: 4.1cm

Color: As the Picture Shown

Purpose: with the use of grinding machine, polishing, grinding, Resurrection


Antibacterial, No Clogging, Resistance of Acid, Alkali and Heat.

This is the Same Material that is used to Make Dental Drill Bits.

Ceramic grinding Manicure without bump head surface, smooth.

Its surface is not easy to accumulate residues and dust, so the daily maintenance only needs to clean water.

Ceramic Bit Could Be Used in Nail Art, Teeth Whitening, Manicure and so on, Suitable for Professional, Salon, or Home use.


Package Include:

1x Nail Drill Bit