COSCELIA 12Pcs Dipping Powder 3 Colors Acrylic Powder 30ml Acrylic Liquid Acrylic Kit Nail Tools Decoration Set


SKU: RBFJSF00754VO Coscelia



Liquid Color: Purple

Capacity: 30ml

Usage: To Create Acrylic Nails


Package Includes:

3 x Acrylic Powder (White/Clear/Pink)

2 x Acrylic Liquid

12 x Dipping Powder

1 x 2000 Hybrid Nail Art Rhinestone

3 x 10g Nail Glue

1 x Nail Cleaner Brush

1 x Nail File

1 x 5Pcs Crystal Painting Drawing Pen

1 x Nail Clipper

1 x Cuticle Oil

1 x Curved Tweezers

1 x 4-Way Nail Buffer

1 x Glass Cup

1 x 500Pcs White Nail Tips

1 x 20Pcs Nail Forms

2 x Nail Separators

1 x 3D Nail Mold

1 x 12 Colors of Micro Beads Wheel

1 x 12Pcs Nail Decoration Powder

1 x 6Pcs Nail Metal Glitter Decoration

1 x 6pcs Nail Strip Decoration

1 x 12Pcs Colored Acrylic Powder

1 x Practice Training Finger

1 x Gradient Dotting Pen Brush


Professional Usage:

Step 1. Use a manicure tool to fix the shape and disinfect.

Step 2. Attach Nail Forms to the edge of the nail.

Step 3. Prepare Acrylic Liquid in Glass Cup.

Step 4. Dip the Clear Acrylic Powder with a crystal pen dipped in Acrylic Liquid.

Step 5. With the help of Nail Art Pen Brush and Nail Forms, make a crystal shape on your nails.

Step 6. After the crystal nail is completely solidified, use Nail File to fix the nail length.

Step 7. Polish the edges of the nails and apply Cuticle Oil.

Step 8. Polish the nail surface.



Keep the product out of reach of babies and children to avoid accidental eating;

If allergies or adverse reactions occur, discontinue use immediately.

Please keep it in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.