Coscelia 10pc Nail Polish with 36W Lamp

SKU: JP21-C10H


 Package Including:

1 x 36W LED Nail Dryer Lamp

1 x Top Coat*10ml

1 x Base Coat*10ml

10 x Nail Polish*10ml

1 x 12 Colors Of Nail Art Rhinestone*2mm

10 x Nail Polish Remove Wet Paper

2 x Matte Trip Tape Lines

5 x Nail Stickers

1 x Nail Cleaner Brush

5 x Nail Cleaning Wipes

1 x Nail Glue*10g

1 x Cuticle Oil

1 x Nail Cutter

1 x Cuticle Pusher

1 x Cuticle Fork

1 x Pair Nail Separators

1 x Curved Tweezers

2 x Buffer Blocks

3 x Nail Files

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