Coscelia dipping powder nail 6pc set top base activator brush saver set

SKU: 2665-US54-02A


About This Item:
💐 Organic, vegan, and healthy.
💜 Easy to beginners, it's a faster way to paint your nail.
💫 Popular colors suitable for all seasons and daily routine life!
💎 Coscelia Dipping Powder System doesn’t need a nail lamp to cure, so that can avoid turning skin black.
🔮 Coscelia dipping powder nail kit starter contains everything you need for a professional manicure experience.

Shipping & Delivery:
📣 One tracking number for every package.
☑ Your package will be shipped from warehouse in the United State.
🔊 Generally, it will arrive in about 3-8 days.

What You Get:
6* dipping powder 10g
1* Activator
1*Brush Saver
1*Top coat
1*Base coat
2* Nail Files
1 Pair Nail Separators
1*Wooden Stick
1*Cuticle Pusher
1*Cuticle Oil
1*Pink Nail Brush
20pc Nail Polish Remove Wet Paper


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