1Pc Nail Drill Bit Stainless Steel Electric Manicure Drill High Quality Milling Cutter Nail Tools


SKU: A09-008-C Coscelia


Type: Nail Drill Bit

Material: stainless steel, plastic

Handle Length: 5.2cm

Size: C/F/M/XF

Purpose: with the use of grinding machine, polishing, grinding, Resurrection



This is the same material that is used to make dental drill bits

Antibacterial nail file bit, suitable for professional, salon, or home use.

High quality imported special ceramic material, higher hardness than metal, increase the lifespan of the drill bit.

Wash the drill bit through clean water directly, than you can simply disinfect the bit through medicinal alcohol

It's so convenient, efficient and time-saving for your manicure.


Package includes:

1 x nail drill bits