COSCELIA 12 Colors Temperature Poly Gel 15ml Finger Extension Glitter Poly Gel UV Builder Gel


SKU: ABF0SF3-033-107BA Coscelia

Item Specifications:

Brand Name: COSCELIA

Name: Temperature Change Poly Gel

Volume: 15 ml

Color: 12 Colors

Used for: Nail Extension

Cured: UV/LED Lamp


Step by Step:

1.Use the nail file to shape you nail surface.

2.Apply the base coat. Cure by UV/LED lamp.

3.Use suitable shape of the nail.

4.Apply adequate amount of the poly gel on the nail plate model.

5.Apply the crystal gel averagely on the nail model with brush.

6.Put the nail form with poly gel to your nail. Cured by UV/LED lamp.

7.Remove the nail plate model after dry, extend a molding.

8.Apply the top coat. Cure by UV/LED lamp.




1.The net volume is 15ml. Since the capacity of the bottle is more than 15ml, the pure poly gel will not fully filled with the bottle!