We have a new brand, sislady

The main theme is to provide a better and refined life for ladies

The following introduces the products under our new brand

Our new brand currently has two series

The first:

(1) .40 colors of 7ml solid color glue

Bringing summer colors to lady friends

(2) .10 / 12/18 color hot color combination

(3). Set of lamps, nail tools and glue

nail art kit

The second kind:

(1) 12-color 15ml extension gel, multiple colors, more natural part of you

poly gel

(2). 4/6/8/10 color extension rubber suit

poly gel kit

(3). Set of lights, nail tools and extension glue

The third kind:

Set of 15ml extension glue and 7ml solid color glue

We want to use these products to make better nail designs

Make the ladies and friends around you more refined

If you have a nail design you want to do, please send pictures to our email

We will provide related tutorials

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